There are serveral large water basins around the greenhouses. Rainwater is collected in these basins and we use the water to irrigate the pepper plants.

These water basins are fitted with solar panels in 2023, with the aim of generating electricity for our own business flow. For example for our sorting lines, packaging stations and the various installations in the greenhouses.

Solar panels are also placed on the roofs of the buildings. In total, 18MW of electricity will be generated on a sunny summer day.


Electricity generated by the sun with our solar panels is used to heat water with the e-boiler. Electricity is used in the e-boiler to control electrodes, this process ensures that cold water is heated. The hot water is transported to the greenhouse via the pipe system.

In the future, the e-boiler will also be used during an overload of the electricity network. For example, on a sunny day with strong wind, a surplus of electricity can arise on TenneT's national network. At these times, the e-boiler will start producing heat by using electricity, which ultimately relieves the electricity network. This heat is temporarily stored in an insulated hot water tank and as soon as the temperature in the greenhouse drops, this heat is used to heat the greenhouse.