Hoogweg Sweet Pepper Growers is a modern, expanding horticultural firm. Originally from Nootdorp, in 2009 we moved a large part of our business activities to Luttelgeest in the Noordoostpolder. The company’s head office is now based at Nieuwlandseweg 9 in Luttelgeest. We grow sweet peppers at four locations: three in Luttelgeest, one in Marknesse and one in Nootdorp.

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Healthy Sweet Peppers

You will find sweet peppers in three colours at our modern nursery: red, yellow and green. We take great care to grow a healthy product in an environmentally friendly way, with the help of modern techniques and systems. The sweet peppers are sorted and packaged (in small packs) in the processing hall and packing stations at our locations on the Nieuwlandseweg. We supply our sweet peppers to supermarkets all over Europe through the Van Nature growers association.

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