Our Story

Hoogweg Paprikakwekerijen grows sweet peppers at five locations: four locations in the Noordoostpolder (in Luttelgeest and Marknesse) and one in the province of South-Holland (Nootdorp). Our total acreage spans 160 hectares which is equivalent to approximately 280
soccer fields.

Hoogweg’s story began in Nootdorp in 1987. Due to limited space in the west of the country, we decided to move to the Noordoostpolder (Luttelgeest) in 2008. The first location in Marknesse was built in 2016, followed by a second location in 2020.
This area offers a favourable infrastructure for green house cultivation. There is plenty of space, the location and accessibility for our trade partners is ideal and the climate is similar to that in the west of the Netherlands.

We have grown sweet peppers since 1998 and currently grow peppers in 4 different colours: red, yellow, orange and green. The type we produce is the bell pepper, the most popular sweet pepper.

The sweet peppers from the various locations are sorted and packed (small packaging) in the processing hall/packaging station.
Our current scale means that we can use efficient and sustainable growing and packaging methods.

In high season you can expect daily the commitment of 500 involved employees working in the company.


The company started growing tomatoes in 1987

The new locations are always built with 2 greenhouses at the same time

Drilling for geothermal energy started in 2018

From 2020 we have 4 colors: red, yellow, green and orange

There are a total of 3,6 million plants in the greenhouses this year

The geothermal energy provides the greenhouses with 70% of the required heat

2 biomass boilers went into operation in 2020

Curious about out growing locations?