Sales through the oxin growers association

Our company is affiliated with the Oxin Growers association. We sell our sweet peppers exclusively via the GMO approved growers association Oxin Growers . It is one of the largest growers associations in the Netherlands with a total acreage of +/- 1010 hectares of greenhouse-cultivated vegetables. Oxin Growers is a valuable partner for Hoogweg Paprikakwekerijen. Oxin Growers is known for being a specialist in greenhouse-grown vegetables with a focus on tomatoes and sweet peppers.

Trade partners
Oxin Growers has various sales lines. Trading firms are closely linked to the growers association: Levarht, Scherpenhuizen and Combilo. Each trading firm has its own permanent client portfolio throughout Western Europe. As a result, we can count on a stable sales channel for our sweet peppers.

The peppers are delivered to customers throughout Northwestern Europe. We aim to supply our customers within a 24 hours driving radius.