Food safety

Growing with respect for all food safety requirements

Consumers impose strict requirements when it comes to the safety of their food. This is why we inspect important aspects of the sweet peppers throughout their growth as well as when they are being processed. Firstly in terms of crop protection. What if we discover a disease or an infestation in the crop? Well, we use biological protection, control with the help of natural enemies. Chemical crop protection agents have almost completely disappeared from Hoogweg Sweet Pepper Growers’ greenhouses as a result of the expanding range of natural controls.

The sooner we detect an infestation, the greater the chance that it can be controlled with natural resources. By conducting intensive inspections for infestations we are able to act quickly to eradicate them naturally. This significantly reduces the need to rectify them with additional methods.

Permanent inspection

Sweet peppers that leave our company are permanently inspected. This is in fact essential for a business that complies with common certification schemes such as GLOBALGAP, QS and MILIEUKEUR. We also possess the GroenLabel for our greenhouses.

In addition to food safety standards, we are also certified for GRASP and SEDEX / SMETA. With these certifications, we take responsibility for improving the working conditions of the people who produce the paprika. (click here for the ETI-code )