Growing with respect for all food safety requirements

Consumers impose strict requirements when it comes to the safety of their food. This is why we inspect important aspects of the sweet peppers throughout their growth as well as when they are being processed. Firstly in terms of crop protection. What if we discover a disease or an infestation in the crop? Well, we use biological protection, control with the help of natural enemies. Chemical crop protection agents have almost completely disappeared from Hoogweg Sweet Pepper Growers’ greenhouses as a result of the expanding range of natural controls.

The sooner we detect an infestation, the greater the chance that it can be controlled with natural resources. By conducting intensive inspections for infestations we are able to act quickly to eradicate them naturally. This significantly reduces the need to rectify them with additional methods.

Quality control

We are committed to supplying our customers with high quality sweet peppers.

The quality of the sweet peppers depends on many different factors, such as:

  • Variety selection. This variety is chosen to match the wishes of the customers with regard to size and colour. The variety characteristics with regard to quality are also taken into account.
  • The quality of our peppers is largely due to the conditions in the greenhouse. An optimum growing climate, measured watering systems, sufficient food, protection against sunlight and plenty of attention are the main factors that determine the quality of the end product.
  • Harvesting of fruits before they are fully ripened ensures a longer shelf life for the peppers and guarantees that the customer is supplied with high quality peppers.
  • The sweet peppers are sorted and packed after harvesting and any peppers damaged by knives, bruises or burn marks caused by the sun are rejected.
  • After packing, the sweet peppers are immediately put in the cooling to make sure they stay fresh for longer.
  • The quality is assessed during each stage of the process, harvesting/sorting/packing/shipping, to ensure that our customers receive a high quality (end) product.
  • We have an excellent quality control system in place to continuously monitor hygiene, risks and product safety throughout the entire process.