Own packing station for efficient processing

We are not just a grower; we also manage the entire packing process in-house.
All the sweet peppers end up here from all our production locations.
After being harvested, the sweet peppers are first sorted by size, weight and colour. Many sweet peppers are sold loose in boxes or crates and are transported directly to the customer.
Our location at the Nieuwlandseweg 10 has a modern packing station where we pack the sweet peppers in foil: in small packs. Three different colours are packed together as a mix.

The scale of our operations demands efficient internal solutions. Fully automatic harvest trolleys navigate the path to the packing station. The actual sorting process, placing the product in boxes and placing the boxes on pallets is also 100% automated. An order is ready to be dispatched to the customer without involving much manual labour.
The products of Nieuwlandseweg 1 and Nootdorp are also processed in the packing stations.

Flexible response

So, what’s the advantage of having your own packing station? First and foremost: flexibility. A customer can specify exactly how an item should be packed. With nine packing lines we can quickly switch between different packaging. What’s more, no time is lost transporting the product from the growing location to the packing station.

Due to its size Hoogweg Paprikakwekerijen can supply small packs of its product through Growers cooperative Oxin Growers to the retail sector from its own grown products. Growing, packing and direct dispatch to the customer: it couldn’t be fresher.

Hoogweg Paprikakwekerijen is part of the GMO-recognised growers association Oxin Growers in Barendrecht. Grower’s association Oxin Growers works with various trade partners which in turn take care of sales to supermarkets across Europe.