The company

Locations in Luttelgeest, Marknesse and Nootdorp

Hoogweg Sweet Pepper Growers has grown sweet peppers at four locations since 2014: three in Luttelgeest in the Noordoostpolder and one in Nootdorp, South Holland. In novembre 2016 started Locaton Marknesse. Our total acreage spans 120 hectares. That is equal to approximately 240 football pitches.

Hoogweg’s story began in Nootdorp in 1987. Due to limited space in the west of our country we finally moved to the Noordoostpolder. It is an area that offers favourable infrastructure for greenhouse cultivation. There is sufficient space, the location, access for our trading partners is ideal and the climate is fairly similar to that in the west of the Netherlands.

We have grown sweet peppers since 1998, in three different colours since 2009: red, yellow and green. The type we produce is the bell pepper, the most popular sweet pepper.

Efficient and sustainable cultivation

Nieuwland in Luttelgeest is one of the smaller horticultural locations in the Netherlands, situated in the vast Noordoostpolder. The village of Luttelgeest is home to 2,100 inhabitants and several horticultural businesses are based there.
We started off with 22 hectares in 2008. The following year we added another 22 hectares. In 2013 and 2014, we took over two existing horticultural businesses in the direct vicinity: one occupying nine and one ten hectares. The existing location in Nootdorp occupies almost 7 hectares. The latest location, Marknesse, is 50 Hectare.
The sweet peppers from all our locations are sorted and packaged (in small packs) in our processing hall and packing station.
This combination of four companies enables us to cultivate our products in an efficient and sustainable manner.

In the peak season Hoogweg Sweet Pepper Growers can count on the daily efforts of approximately 350 employees.