Are you interested in working for Hoogweg Sweet Pepper Growers?

Even though we have extensively automated our operations at Hoogweg Paprikakwekerijen: growing peppers is a task that is still mainly done by people.

During the growing season we employ approximately 450 people to work in our greenhouses and processing halls. These people ensure that our customers receive their daily deliveries of sweet peppers during the pepper season. We also employ people in jobs such as engineering, energy, cultivation, administration and management.

Sweet peppers are harvested during spring and summer. During winter we focus on crop rotation and preparations for next season. This means that you will be involved in lots of different activities throughout the year. This is a position where your work will vary according to the particular seasons.

Interested in a challenging (permanent) job? If so, we can offer you a job with opportunities for further development in a company that continues to grow. You will be working with enthusiastic colleagues and together we make sure that we can supply our customers with a first class product.

This page lists our current vacancies. If you do not see a suitable vacancy but would like to work for us, please send us an open application. Who knows we may have just the job for you!

Contact details:
0527 – 20 64 30

We are currently searching for a:

Every spring we have lots of vacancies for positions in our greenhouses and processing hall. You can help us with the harvest and topping and training of peppers in the greenhouse. We are also looking for new colleagues to help us with the sorting and packing of peppers in the processing hall. Interested? Please contact one of the employment agencies below.

Level - 0527 – 271369
AB Vakwerk - - 0527 – 788850
Charlie - 0341 - 431020 - 0527 - 748010